Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wet Monkey Farts

Honestly, its not what you might think, and it sounds much worse than it really is. I suppose I oughta explain really.

A dear friend of mine who shall remain nameless ( see, JJ, I can be trusted after all ), keeps complaining about her soaps not coming out of her moulds, being soft, bla bla bla, you know the sort of thing. So, as I knew she was coming over to visit, I proposed a little experiment - we would make soap together, she would use her recipe, the way she always does her CP soaping, I would use my recipe, and make it the way I always do. We would both use the same FO, the same appliances, ie stick blender, and also the same mould. I made a partition in my wooden mould for that, so that the conditions would be exactly the same for the both of us. Oh, apropos FO, thats where the title of this post comes from, lol, the FO is actually called Monkey Farts, lol, and we thought we put a little twist on it, twisted broads that we are, and use some coloured shreds to simulate, errmm, well, wet ( or follow through, as Joy called them ) monkey farts.

It was great fun weighing out our oils, lye etc together, all dressed up in the proper gear of course with hairnets, gloves, sleeves, looking oh so pretty pretty, teeheeee. Ain't gonna post no pics though, sorry, I have VERY strict instruction to keep those well and truly off the net, lol.

We both poured our soaps at the same time, well within seconds of each other anyway, and she thought she could already detect a difference, she was convinced my soap looked smoother in the mould than hers, her surface was slightly uneven, couldn't really call it lumpy. We covered both halves of the mould with same weight towels, and then waited................ all of half hour, lol, before we had to check the progress of the soaps. We were immediately struck by the difference in colour, my soap had gone quite yellow, hers ( sorry, can't use her name, I promised ) had gone beige. Also mine was getting quite warm, hers was cold. The difference in colour is much more pronounced than in the photos, darned flash washed out the colours a bit.

We checked again an hour later, my soap was nicely warm, so was hers. Yay. Looked fine so far. A while later we checked again, my soap was still quite warm, hers had gone cold again. Hmm, that was slightly odd. Checked again an hour or so ago, and my soap had cooled down, and hers, well hers was hot hot hot, lol, and perspiring like mad! That was really weird, seeing all that condensation on her side of the mould. I think you may to click on the pic to enlarge it, to see the condensation properly, taking pics with a flash at night is a bitch, lol.

So now, the towels are off both soaps, I am hoping that the moisture will get absorbed by her soap again. Having just looked at the soaps again, mine is now developing a slight case of ash in the middle only, and hers, well hers is still sweating. Hmm.

I so wish I could unmould the soaps tonight and cut them, to see whether HERS ( sorry, dear, really hate having to say hers all the time instead of JJ's ) is really as problematic as she says they sometimes are. I hate having to wait, waahh, bit I guess I can't jeopardise our fabulous little experiment, lol. It is really strange seeing how differently our soaps are behaving, and it can only be the recipe, everything else was exactly the same.

I'll update tomorrow morning, as soon as I have unmoulded and cut the soaps. Darn, I wish Madam was here as well to witness it, sigh, its such a heavy responsibility, lol.


  1. so where are the pics of this fab hairnet then L?

  2. You do L and there will be more than BIG trouble.

    And, who is JJ?

  3. Roflmao, I can't do it, I would get into soooooooooo much trouble, sorry J, she would have my guts for garters.