Thursday, 16 April 2009

La vie en rose - GIGI

This is another single scent soap, this time rose geranium. Of course I had to use pink in that soap, the geraniums I had in my hanging baskets last summer were a lovely shade of rose pink. I hope that this pink turns out to be a similar shade of gentle rose pink. Rose geranium is an awesome scent, I love it pure and I love it in essential oil blends. Maybe the next soap will be a new blend, hmmm.

My darling son has just reminded me that I am supposed to make new batches of soaps which I am running out of, not lots of new ones, lol. He is worried that he will have to help me with the design of labels for the new soapies, teehee. Mind you, it always costs me dearly, I have to take him out to Cosmo for an oriental buffet in return for his help.

1 comment:

  1. OK, am not speaking to you any more. That's another pretty soapie and I'm sulking now. Suppose you'll be up at rude o'clock cutting this one as well.