Sunday, 26 April 2009

Royal Visit

Omg, I have to dust off the red carpet, shampoo it and fragrance it, the Queen is coming for a visit on Tuesday!! Yes, you read that correctly, the Queen is coming in person to visit my humble abode. Now before you get too excited and start camping outside my front door with your cameras at the ready, I had better tell you that it is the Croap Queen who is coming for a visit, lol. Still, She does warrant the red carpet treatment, because She is of course a right Royal .... in the .... ( you may insert whatever first springs to mind, lol ) at times. When she moans and groans about her croapings, for example, or her croilies, or the dozen other things she is trying out and won't even tell about, because they may not work out.

Just in case you cannot resist the lure of Royalty in any shape or form, here is a sneakily snuck photograph of the Queen in all her finery. What a magnificent croap crown!


  1. Have fun together! I want to come visit too!

  2. I wish you could come and visit as well! You know you are most welcome any time!

  3. Nice pic of Her Maj there L. I wonder.... is she still speaking to you for posting that pic? LOL

  4. No she is NOT still speaking to her after posting that ruddy awful pic.