Saturday, 11 April 2009

Amelie's Secret

Spring is most definitely in the air and seems to have done a good job of getting me off my butt and soaping again. Two soaps in two days, woohoo! And another one already planned out for Monday ( would do it tomorrow, but I am doing an Easter Fair ). This one is called Amelie and does indeed harbour a little secret, but you ( and I, dangnabit ) will have to wait until tomorrow evening before I can reveal it. Maybe even longer, as I didn't reduce the water amount. I HATE WAITING, WAAHHH. And this one I am really curious about, I so wanna get it out of the mould and cut ASAP!

PS - I have been such a good girl, haven't touched any beads!!! Well, might have touched some, cos they are smooooooooooth and shiny, and luverly, but haven't spent ages making anything, so there.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good Mrs.

    Patient as always though about waiting for it to be born I see :-)