Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Heaven or Hell?

Well, you have probably realised by now that I am MILDLY interested in beads, BEADS, sigh, those glorious, smooth, tactile, shiny, tiny little things which come in hundreds and hundreds of beautiful and totally irresistible colours. It was a lovely morning yesterday, so hubby and youngest son accompanied me ( somewhat under protest, and only with the promise of the pub afterwards to make it more palatable ) to a boot fair. I had my usual slow womble through, picking up an old necklace here and there for "recycling" and thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere. All was well until, nearly at the end of the womble, I came across a stall which made me gasp............. BEADS!! Glorious beads, hundreds of packets of beads in all the colours of the rainbow, and in all shapes and sizes! They had come from the workshop of a professional beader, who had worked on dresses for the stars for many many years.

It was heaven for a while, picking up bags and studying the contents, rummaging through boxes, piling up goodies which just had to be bought. The stall holder very thoughtfully provided me with a tray when my hands couldn't hold my treasures any longer, lol. And then I began to realise it wasn't heaven after all, it was sheer hell, because I had to leave so many gorgeous beads behind!!! I was very strict with myself and had set myself a limit on how much I would spend, so I constantly had to make heart wrenching decisions which baggie to put down again, because I had just found an absolute must-have. But in the end, I did walk away with a lovely stash of seed and bugle beads and a HUGE grin on my face. So here they are, in all their glory, I would say that was a fiver well spent ( and I am not trying to wind up JJ, honestly!!! )


  1. It's not working. I am not wound up. I am not wound up.

    Jammy, jammy, jammy madam. Hmph.

    (Only jealous)