Sunday, 19 April 2009

Natalie has a new frock!

Being a nettle soap, the last batch of Natalie had a very spiky top to represent the sting of the nettle. This time round, Natalie has gone all soft and is wearing a golden frock! The sharp spikes were very awkward when storing or transporting the soap, so I opted for a softer look. The top is now gently sculpted and the " posh frock " is a little bit of gold mica brushed on.

I love natural colours. Now, green is notoriously difficult to get and most greens tend to fade to a sludgy browny grey, but this nettle soap keeps its colour astonishingly well. It does lighten a little over the months, but thats all, the lovely green colour is still very much in evidence. Unrefined avocado and unrefined hemp oil help enormously with the lovely deep green colour, and brewing the organic nettles ( from Gracefruit ) in the lye water does the rest. I have used a mostly herbal blend of essential oils for this soap, with just a hint of a sweet floral to soften it.

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  1. Nettalie looks very nice indeed with her posh golden frock.