Wednesday, 15 April 2009


It seems I can't stop soaping at the moment, must be the beautiful spring weather! People keep asking me for single scent soaps at craft fairs, so I made a lavender soap today. I have to admit that I much prefer blending essential oils, it is so very fascinating, but I don't mind making a few with just one essential oil. Rose geranium next, yum, I love that gorgeous fragrance, so I am quite looking forward to making that one. Now, what other essential oils would be good for a single scent bar? It is really difficult for me to pick just one essential oil, I just wanna grab a few of my bottles and blend, blend, blend.

As I couldn't be creative with the scent, I decided to be creative with the look, blended the colours ( blue, pink and purple UMs ) to produce a (hopefully ) lavender colour, and used plain shredded soap to liven things up a bit as well. Fingers crossed, I hope it turns out ok.

Here is the Lavendine soap, just poured. It is now sleeping under its blanket, and I have to practice being patient again, sigh, I suppose there is no way I can unmould it until tomorrow.

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  1. Very pretty mrs.

    Waiting patiently for pictures of it cut!