Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Gotta love this time of the year though. I love making up gift packs and people are certainly starting to buy for Christmas already. I haven't really made any new products over the last few months, I seem to be making more of the same all the time. Not complaining though, because its really great when soaps sell out, at least I know people like them.

So, last week I made 4 soaps, all restocks - Laventine ( lavender ), Aveline ( sapmoss ), Clementine ( citrus ) and Gigi ( geranium )

I have orders to fill this week as well, and today I am making salt soap bars, as they are all sold out as well. The last two, which I had hoarded for myself, went to my almost-daughter-in-law. She asked me for them the last time they came over. She loves them and swears its the only thing which helps combat her outbreaks. Isn't that sweet?

Back to the pleasurable task of making up gift packs, yay! xx