Sunday, 12 April 2009

Amelie's secret revealed

Being the very patient person that I am, ahem, I actually lasted til about 6.30am this morning, but that was it, I just had to cut the soap to find out whether it was anywhere near what I was hoping for, before I set off to do the Craft Fair. I was pleasantly surprised, it is not far off what I had imagined, I am really quite pleased with the look. I had hoped for something similar to the crackle effect of the Mignonette soap, and it worked out well, the kind of crackle seems to surround the soap shreds in the blue. Also, the shade of blue is pretty much what I was hoping for as well.

The Fair went really well, but I have some serious soapmaking to do this week to restock, I almost sold out of at least 4 different soaps and most of the others are running quite low as well.
The "Lovliest Customer of the Day Award " has to go to a gentleman who stopped at the stand with his lady wife(?) and spent, oh probably half an hour, very enthusiastically sniffing his way through all the soaps, back and forth, and making the most wonderful comments. I have never seen a guy so happy to sniff soaps, and chatting with him was so much fun. He walked away very happy with with soap purchases. The nicest thing about doing a craft fair, or market for that matter, is that you can actually talk to your customers and explain about your soaps etc., and it makes me feel so good when people show a real interest in how soaps or serums are made, and what the various ingredients do etc.


  1. Very pretty L. Lovely crackle effect.
    Great news about the fair too

  2. How I would love to do a craft fair...or a market ...or something like that!I really must move to a more sensible country that allows such events to happen!