Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cubist phase?

It seems I am having a love affair with cubes in soaps at the moment, the three latest ones all seem to feature cubes. I have even made a plain orange soap ( with annatto seed infusion ) so that I could make more cubes in yet another colour. The rebatch with the salmon coloured cubes I have already shown you in the last post, here are the other two soaps, which I have made this week -

I am quite fond of these soaps, they are kinda modern and funky and they also smell rather good, lol. It seems once I get started, I can't stop making soap, so I am planning another one for this afternoon/evening. Cubes again? Well, lets see, perhaps not this time, one can have too much of a good thing. Maybe a nice plain soap, just subtly coloured with clay would be nice for a change.


  1. Those look really cool! It made me think of those Brach candies that you can get in bulk from the grocery store. Which turns out that is a "good thing" by reliving my childhood.

  2. those are lovely-what do they smell of- my fave is the pale blue-so pretty

  3. The soaps look great - your cubist sensabilities are definitely giving you fun and interesting soaps to work with. Keep it up - maybe throw in some triangles or soap balls =)