Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sigh, when will I learn patience

My darling dogs got me up at 6 am again, and of course I just couldn't resist checking out the soap from yesterday. It was still soft, very soft actually, and I ought to have left it alone, but could I? Nope, I really really really wanted to see what it looked like inside. So out of the mould it came, and I sliced a bit off the end. Note to self - don't slice a soft soap with soap shreds on top, lol, because they get dragged down and leave lovely big tracks down the soap, grrr. Second note to self - if you just can't wait, then turn the loaf upside down so that the shreds are underneath, lolol, that worked when I sliced another bit of the other end!

Well, the sea green I was hoping for buy mixing the annatto seed infusion with UM blue is more of a sea mud, and of course the top layers aren't layers at all, but all in all, it could have been worse, its quite a funky looking soap. And who knows, it might still go greener, anything is possible with soap after all.

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  1. It actually looks a lot like what I usually make! LOL!