Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Doesn't Time Fly?

Goodness, I can't believe it has been nearly 5 months since I last posted on this blog! Well, a few things have kept me somewhat busy. I did a couple of Christmas Fairs in November and December. I was petrified to start with, as I had not done a craft fair before, but it was a great experience. Being able to talk to the customers directly and being able to explain in a bit more detail what my products are all about was immensely satisfying. Here are a couple of pics of the stand with my products -

So, there you have it, weeks of preparations for the very first fair kept me well and truly busy.

In November, our beautiful granddaughter Grace was born, and made Christmas even more special. She is such a gorgeous little chubbycheeks, she was just a few weeks old in this photo -

In January, our faithful companion of 14 years, Harry, died, and left a huge empty space in our family. Poppy missed him so much, and desperately needed company, so we started looking for a new friend for her. Finally, after weeks of searching, we found another Ridgeback, a boy this time, again through the Northern and Midlands Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue. And so Hector joined our family. He is almost the same age as Poppy, and the two of them hit if off immediately. They are inseparable now, and are the bestest doggies anybody could ever wish for, even though they keep me busy 24/7. I wish I had just a tenth of their energy, they are forever playing tug-o-war with their toys, which usually entails racing up and down the stairs, bouncing off the walls and the settees and generally creating havoc!

Well, I guess thats enough of an update for now, the post would really get way too long if I didn't stop myself from going on and on. I'll save blogging about the latest hobby for another time.......... now, its back to labelling 100 lip balms for a wholesale order.


  1. Nice to see you, Liz, and your wonderful procucts!

  2. Oh, I am sooo glad to finally hear from you! I missed you.
    Grace is a beautifullittle baby, and your stalls look wonderful.

  3. Charlie, I miss you gals as well, waaahh! Would love to be able to chat with you, email me if you have a spare moment xxx

  4. Gabi, thats you, isn't it? Great to see you on here! And thank you for the lovely comment.

    PS - I have been admiring your soaps for years, ever since Beth told me about you.