Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Do I really need another hobby?

I really blame a very dear friend for the latest hobby, well almost addiction, of course I can't name names, I'll just say that her initial is JJ, surely that won't give anything away, could be almost anybody, right?

This, ermm, hobby is so very tactile, it involves a lot of fondling and stroking, and NOOOOOOOOOO, its not that at all, get your mind out of the gutter! I am talking about jewellery making, and I can tell ya, handling those beautiful beads is something else. The smooth finish of semi precious stones, the wonderful sheen of freshwater pearls, the sparkle of Swarovski crystal......... sigh, you just can't help playing with the beads. So I made a few things, like bracelets and necklaces, for prezzies. Probably enough for at least a year's worth of pressies for female friends and family members, but once you start, its impossible to stop. They are all pretty simple pieces, but they are so much fun to plan and make.

This necklace, with Japanese seed beads and lucite flowers and leaves, was made for my (almost) daugher- in-law, to go with an orange jumper she loves -

This was the first "dangly" bracelet I made, again for my (almost) daugher-in-law -

The beautiful beads in the "dangles" are rhodonite rounds, mother-of-pearl hearts and tiny round beads, rose quartz heishis, Prehnite baroque beads, freshwater rice pearls, fire polished crystal beads and Japanese seed beads.

The next one was made as a birthday present for a girl friend, a three strand twisted necklace with rose quartz focals and chips, and a variety of delicate green and pink beads, offset with silver round beads -

I love using vintage beads, and the following necklace, bracelet and earring set was made using vintage beads covered with the finest strands of pink silk, together with light pink freshwater pearls ( also from a broken vintage necklace ), faceted crystal bicones and beautiful light pink howlite tear drops -

Oh, and then I got some absolutely mouthwateringly delicious lemonstone beads! The colour of those stones is just gorgeous, and I couldn't help myself, I had to make three necklaces to see how the lemonstone beads would look combined with different beads -

The first two necklaces were made with lemonstone rectangles and a big oval pendant drop. One is contrasted with ( black ) hematite beads, for the other one I used Prehnite baroque beads and faceted amethyst crystals -

The third lemonstone necklace is a three strand one, with 2 strands of peridot chips and tiny silver beads, and of course one strand with those beautiful lemonstone rectangles, interspersed with faceted green crystals -

Phew, I think thats quite enough for now, otherwise you could think I really was somewhat addicted to this jewellery making lark, lol. I'll save the pics of the others for another day.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful, Liz! Wow, wow , wow, is all I can say!

  2. Charlie, yay! Thank you, you always say the nicest things! Would love to hear from you, btw, email me, if you have a minute or two.

  3. Addicted? You? Never! And who on earth would lead you astray like that? How rude. I bet this "JJ" is not really responsible at all for unleashing this new talent of yours - it was just hidden away waiting to emerge. It's certainly emerged in style - they are all gorgeous and you should be very proud of them.