Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Oriane and Clementine

I have been soaping a bit more lately, these two are the latest ones.

Oriane is coloured with UM Pink in the base, with a UM Purple and TD swirl. I keep sniffing this one constantly, I think I am addicted to the EO mix, it is awesome - Palmarosa, Geranium YlangYlang are just some of the EOs used. Oriane was done in a slab mould.

Clementine was only made last night. I have just unmoulded and cut it, couldnt restrain myelf any longer, lol, the beautiful citrus scent was driving me nuts! The FO is from Gracefruit, my favourite oil and FO supplier and it was an absolute dream to soap, no accelation at all. I coloured the base with an Annatto seed infusion and swirled with TD. The colour is glorious, a rich orangey yellow. This will fade after a while if the soap isn't stored in the dark, but if it is kept out of bright light, it will keep its colour for quite some time.

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