Sunday, 6 July 2008

Clarisse for Sue

Three more weeks and my DS Nick will have finished his tree surgery course at college, and then I will be able to pester him to get the website finished! In the meantime, this is a special " For Sue " post to enable her to re-order the right soap, lol, which we think was this one, Clarisse.

This limited edition soap was enriched with skin loving oils like Cherry Kernel, Hazelnut and Rice bran, with a good dollop of rich Mango butter on top of the usual ingredients. Tussah silk ( Tussah is a humane silk, gathered after the moth has emerged from the cocoon ) was added for that extra luxurious touch. It was swirled with a natural alkanet root infusion ( the purple ) and ultramarine pink. To get get the crackle effect, Titanium Dioxide ( whitener ) was added.


  1. Miss LLL. You keep these beautiful soapies very quiet you naughty girl. That's gorgeous. I'm jealous :-(

  2. Tehehehe, Croap Queenie, thats because I am such a shy creature who doesn't like drawing attention to herself ( insert innocent whistle emoticon here ).

    Having seen YOUR soaps, you croap crown has now been permanently removed.I am still in awe of those totally straight layers....