Tuesday, 28 July 2009

So many fairs!

It seems that lately I have been spending most of my weekends doing fairs. Actually, I love doing them because I love talking to people about my products. Saturday was a brilliant day. I was at a huge two-day fair, sharing a large outdoor space with three others. I could only do the Saturday, as it was my granddaughter's Christening on Sunday, but it was so worth it!

The space was shared with three jewellery makers. I was quite amazed at how different their styles were. Mind you, I could have easily bought a piece or two from each of them, they all made such exquisite necklaces etc. I only managed to take a pic of one of them though, somehow there were always people to talk to, lol -

This was my corner -

Whenever I have a large outdoor space, I try and take some other stuff with me as well. I love love love vintage fabrics, so I usually take my box of vintage and antique French and German linen towels with me. I also had a basket with lavender hearts and brooch pillows made from 19th Century French fabrics as well as rosy vintage fabrics, and a basket with those crocheted flower brooches which I have been making. And you can probably spot the eiderdown, quilt and crochet blanket in the background as well ( oh, bad news for you, Joy, I actually sold the eiderdown which you liked so much, sorry ).

It was incredibly busy, it took me 5 or 6 attempts to get a drink from the van opposite us where they were selling ice cold water. Everytime I just got into the queue, there were people picking up the soaps, the serums, the gift packs etc at my stall so I had to rush back. Not that I am complaining, lol, it was great to see so much interest.

It was a successful day, the soaps sold well, as did the facial polish, and alls sorts of other things as well, like the Pampered Feet packs for example. Lavender hearts, crocheted flower brooches, french linen towels, French vintage buttons, ah yes, and the eiderdown, all sold nicely. What a nice change to sitting in a huge hall with just a few people aimlessly drifting about not even looking at the stalls.

Just to finish this off, have a look at this fella, you do get some characters at these shows, lol

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