Thursday, 30 July 2009

Cleopatra's Decadent Milk Bath

I usually sell the milk bath in a cello bag with three sachets and a little cotton bag, but at the fair last Saturday, I completely sold out and only had two single sachets left, which I had kept just to show people what it looked like. But even those two single sachets went, when a couple stopped by, saw them, had a sniff at the tester and said they loved the scent so much, they had to have them!

So today I have been preparing more of this really quite decadent mix, which includes sheeps milk powder, buttermilk powder, yoghurt powder, fruit powder, honey powder, oats and wheatbran, plus of course a gorgeous fragrance.

I have just finished filling the little baggies, printing the ingredients labels and front labels and am now debating whether I should take a pic of them tonight. Arrghh, decisions, decisions. A post without pics is boring, so I suppose I ought to really.

There you go, pretty poor photo but then its 10pm, I oughta be in bed and not trying to take pics, lol.

Tomorrow I'll be making more clay,yoghurt and fruit face mask trios, I sold out of those as well.

Weather forecast is still not good for the weekend, sigh, it is not going to be pleasant if its chucking down. Ah well, fingers crossed and hope for the best, eh?

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