Thursday, 19 June 2008

Daily facial beauty routine

How much money and time do you spend each and every day on your beauty regime? Do you buy dozens of different jars/bottles for all sorts of different things - day moisturisers, night creams, eye creams, eye serums, lip serums, spot treatments, exfoliators for the face, the body, dry skin treatments etc etc etc, a whole dressing table or medicine cabinet full?

When I was a teenager, many many moons ago, I just couldn't be bothered with creams and lotions and potions, it seemed that a good wash was all that was needed to keep the skin clear and fresh looking.
Years later, after getting married and with a growing family, it was financially impossible to buy all the jars and bottles of miracle potions which, according to TV and magazines, were an absolute must if you didnt want to look like a wrinkled prune. I do remember buying a jar of cold cream a couple of times, when I was pregnant, and it did feel good on the skin.
Years later again, kids growing up, it was finally time to experiment with those wonderful creams, the magical concoctions promising ever youthful skin. Yes, they smelled nice and yes, they felt lovely and velvety on the skin, but did they make me look younger? Hmmm, I think not. So, most of the time I was terribly slabdash with my beauty regime, cream went on perhaps once a week or so, when I remembered, lol.
Fast foward to a few years ago when I started suffering ridiculous allergies, so badly that I even became allergic to the allergy tablets ( turned out it was work I was allergic to, lol, seriously ). I started getting huge red welts on my face, especially in the nose and cheek areas, and even after I stopped work and the allergies finally stopped, the welts kept appearing. By that time, I had become very interested in soaps, creams, any kind of cosmetic and started making my own.
BEST THING I HAD EVER DONE! After spending hundreds of hours reading and studying, I formulated a balm which got rid of the welts, I made a very gentle facial scrub to keep the skin nice and clear, made a salt soap for the face and formulated a facial serum. None of these contain harsh chemicals or preservatives ( hurrah, no parabens ! ), as none of them contain water, and I can honestly say that the beauty regime I use now is simple, effective, non time consuming and it works for me.

This is it - Two or three times a week, I use the gentle facial scrub. It is a dry mix of selected botanicals, including adzuki beans, for example, to which I just add a few drops of water, and gently massage it over my wet face for a minute or two. It leaves the skin feeling velvety soft, not stripped and tight, and I follow it with a few drops of the facial serum. The combination of squalane and some very fine oils with really wonderful properties keeps the skin velvety soft all day. Occasionally, I use a fruit and clay mask, maybe once every couple of weeks. It is a lovely thing to use when you want to feel really pampered. Again, I just follow it with a couple of drops of facial serum.

I only use the salt soap for washing my face these days. A salt bar will not produce lather in quite the same way as a normal soap ( see the post on salt bars ), but it is great for problem skin. Again, after washing with the salt bar, I just use a few drops of the serum on the face. Doing this morning and evening, my sking stays clear and soft.

I very rarely get outbreaks these days, but when I get very stressed, it can happen. The balm sorts that out within a couple of days, thankfully, so even though my skin still looks a little red round the nose, welts are a thing of the past. The balm works wonders on my DH's psoriasis as well. It is the only thing which keeps the flaking and redness under control.

The only other thing I use on my face these days is a lip balm, winter and summer alike, because my lips do get very dry very quickly.

I do make and use body lotion and handcreams for example, and I love making and using luxurious soaps and scrubs for the body, but my face loves my simple routine - facial scrub ( and occasional fruit and clay mask ), salt soap, serum, lip balm, thats it, and it seems to be keeping the prune stage away for a little longer. If you feel you don't need a salt bar for your face, then you can of course substitute a mild and gentle milk, goats milk or coconut milk if you are vegan.

( Rebatched goats milk soap )


  1. Elizabeth, I am so glad you shared your regimen with us. I, too have children growing up and I get the occasional outbreak when I am SUPER stressed, but for the most part I am okay. I have been so eager to make a salt bar for myself but haven't really made the time with trying to build my business (Just doesn't fit in with my need to sleep!) I am 38 next month and from a few feet away I look pretty young. Up close, I see the wrinkles, but who gets that close except for my hubby.

    So anyway, I love your idea. I have been trying to source adzuki bean powder, but.... great thoughts, I will try this I think.


  2. Hi Joanna, thanks for your very kind comments. I buy whole adzuki beans, you can get them from health food shops and then I grind them up at home ( coffee grinder ). I first came across them many years ago in the Body Shop, the ground beans came in a little dispenser container and were marketed as a Japanese beauty treatment. I was devastated when they stopped selling it. There are many other goodies in the scrub mix, as well. Just experiment, its fun.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for sharing the beauty routine. I love the sound of the serum. I have Lupus so get terrible butterfly rash on my face and sometimes neck. Maybe it might do the trick.

    Kay (Galaxy Girl)

  4. I was never one for creams etc when I was a bit younger or now really but my sister buys almost everything new that comes out regardless of price. At the moment she's got that under eye pen thing and I keep shouting at are 21! there's nothing wrong with your undereye area!!!

  5. Hi Kay, so sorry to hear about your skin problems. Got your pm and replied to it. Get in touch! Liz x

  6. LOL, Charley, it would drive me nuts if a sister of mine would go so crazy over cosmetics, at THAT AGE! It is not a bad idea starting early with a simple beauty routine, but I so agree with you, 21 and all that stuff? Defo not necessary.

  7. do you sell your products? jo(at)productbody(dot)com

  8. Hi again, Joanna,

    yes I do sell my products, although at the moment by word of mouth only, as my son is dragging his heels with the website! It is quite amazing how quickly word spreads though, and extremely satisfying when one gets such lovely feedback from people who have used the products.